$ quasar ext add @quasar/testing-e2e-cypress

This AE is meant to manage Quasar and Cypress integration for you, both for JS and TS.

We have included some custom commands out-of-the-box:

Name Usage Description
dataCy cy.dataCy('my-data-id') Implements the selection best practice which avoids brittle tests, is equivalent to cy.get('[data-cy=my-data-id]')
testRoute cy.testRoute('home') Checks the current page by testing if the URL hash contains the provided string
saveLocalStorage cy.saveLocalStorage() Save local storage data to be used in subsequent tests
restoreLocalStorage cy.restoreLocalStorage() Restore previously saved local storage data

You must have a running dev server in order to run integration tests. The scripts added by this AE automatically take care of this: yarn test:e2e and yarn test:e2e:ci will launch quasar dev when starting up the tests and kill it when cypress process ends.

This AE is a wrapper around Cypress, you won’t be able to use this or understand most of the documentation if you haven’t read the official documentation.